Collegiate Men & Women: UC San Diego vs. Long Beach State; UC Irvine
March 10, 2007; Tecolote Shores, Mission Bay

Submitted by Patricia Pinkerton; UC San Diego.

Distance: 2000m
Conditions: 2000m dogleg course; flat conditions, but racing against slight tide for all Varsity events, tide changed to following for MN8 and WN4+, with increasing tail wind for WN4+
Comments: W Novice Four had a collision and re-start; all W Varsity Four rowers doubled from W Varsity Eight.


Men's Racing

Men's Varsity Eight:
UC San Diego 6:13.1
UC Irvine 6:29.7
Long Beach State 6:35.4

Men's 2V Eight:
UC San Diego 6:31.97
UC Irvine 6:57.48

Men's Novice Four:
UC San Diego 7:39.3
UC Irvine 7:58.3
Long Beach State 8:06.0

Men's Novice Eight:
UC San Diego 6:26.2
Long Beach State 6:41.8
UC Irvine 6:45.2

Women's Racing

Women's Varsity Eight:
UC San Diego 7:16.5
Long Beach State 7:26.5
UC Irvine 7:35.5
UC San Diego 2V8 8:12.3

Women's Varsity Four:
UC San Diego LTWT 8:13.8
UC Irvine 8:20.2
UC San Diego 8:25.2

Women's Novice Eight:
UC San Diego 7:41.1
Long Beach State 7:47.4
UC Irvine 7:48.8

Women's Novice Four:
Long Beach State LTWT 7:59.8
UC Irvine 8:15.3
UC San Diego LTWT 8:29.8
UC San Diego 8:56.8

Women's Pair:
Long Beach State A 8:39.7
UC Irvine 9:03.6
Long Beach State B 9:20.0

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