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Mixed Regatta: Allegheny Boat Race
November 13, 2010; Allegheny River, Pittsburgh PA

Submitted by Jay Hammond.

Conditions: Flat water with very little flow (5,000 cfs). Very slight cross tail wind. Conditions were consistent throughout the morning.
Comments: Great day of racing. The 1V's raced 4 miles. The 2V's, plus Central's 3V raced 3 miles. The freshmen, plus Central's 4V 4+, and raced 1500 meters. All racing was side-by-side. The contest between TRRA and Pitt in the 4-mile race came down to a seat, with Pitt walking back into TRRA in the final 400 meters of the race.


Varsity 8
Central Catholic 19:24.00
TRRA 19:41.24
Pitt 19:41.70
CMU 20:01.00
Fox Chapel 21:02.00

2nd Varsity 8
Central Catholic 2V 15:45
Central Catholic 3V 15:57
Pitt 16:07
TRRA 16:49

Frosh/Novice 8
Central Catholic 1F 5:27
TRRA 5:39
Central Catholic 2F 5:46
Fox Chapel 6:03
Central Catholic 4V 6:07

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