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Junior: The Lawrenceville School and Row New Jersey (Men)
April 10, 2022; Caspersen Rowing Center, Mercer Lake, NJ

Submitted by Benjamin T. Wright.

Distance: 2000M
Conditions: Strong tail wind and cross tail wind, 17 mph and stronger. The start was protected, but the latter 750M of the course was rough, but rowable.
Comments: Thanks to Row New Jersey for making the trip. Thanks to all of the crews and coaches for handling the conditions. Order of racing, Men's 3V/Novice 8, Men's 2V8, Men's 1V8, Men's Freshman/Novice. The 3V/Novice race was started at the 250M from a floating start. The Row New Jersey 3V established an early and commanding lead. The Lawrenceville 3V/Novice crew came to a complete stop at about 1000M to fix a seat off the tracks.


Varsity 8
Row New Jersey 6:18.2
Lawrenceville 6:24.7

2nd Varsity 8
Row New Jersey 6:52.8
Lawrenceville 7:22.8

Third Eight/Novice Eight:
Row New Jersey 5:59.2
Lawrenceville 8:29.2

Frosh/Novice 8
Lawrenceville 7:35.8
Row New Jersey 7:49.0
Lawrenceville B 8:29.0

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