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Collegiate Men: TARS Regatta
March 14, 2018; Lake Maitland (Winter Park, FL)

Submitted by Shawn Pistor (Rollins College).

Distance: 1950
Conditions: Varsity 8 and JV8 was a slight tail wind (2-4 mph) Water was flat and still good to row in. V4, V4B, N4 and pair had stronger tail with bigger water through middle 1000 of the race.
Comments: Rollins rowed same line-up for the MV8 and MJV8. In the JV8 race, Embry-Riddle was 2 lengths of open water with 500m to go. Just after the 1500m buoys, Embry-Riddle suffered a popped oarlock/crab causing the boat to come to a complete stop. Wind really picked up for the V4B, N4 and Pair race at the end of the morning. Cool weather.


Varsity 8
Embry-Riddle 5:52.7
Rollins 6:40.2

2nd Varsity 8
Rollins 6:24.1
Embry-Riddle 6:29.6
Embry-Riddle nov. 7:25.8

Varsity Four
Embry-Riddle 6:36.1
Rollins 7:05.3

Varsity 4+ "B":
Embry-Riddle 6:40.7
Rollins 7:58.8

Novice 4+:
Embry-Riddle "A" 6:52.3
Embry-Riddle "B" 7:29.4
Rollins 7:48.6

Rollins 7:59.5
Embry Riddle 1x 8:07.9
Embry Riddle 8:19.8


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