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High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Boys Fours,Suffield v. Nobles v. Berkshire
April 28, 2018; Holyoke Rows, Holyoke MA, Connecticut River

Submitted by Evan Ciecimirski.

Distance: 1200m
Conditions: Crews raced 1200 meters upstream due to strong current on Connecticut River. An intensifying tailwind during the afternoon caused increased chop during the races.
Comments: Order of races was Boys Novice 8+, Boys 4+ V3, Boys 4+ V5/V6, Boys 4+ V4, Boys 4+ V2, Boys 4+ V1.


First Boat
Berkshire B4+ V1 5:05
Nobles B4+ V1 5:12
Suffield B4+ V1 5:18

Second Boat
Nobles B4+ V2 5:15
Berkshire B4+ V2 5:29
Suffield B4+ V2 6:16

Third Boat
Nobles B4+ V3 5:11
Berkshire B4+ V3 5:37
Suffield B4+ V3 6:03

Fourth Boat
Nobles B4+ V4 5:35
Berkshire B4+ V4 5:48

Fifth Boat
Nobles B4+ V5 6:20
Berkshire B4+ V6 6:48
Nobles B4+ V6 7:05
Berkshire B4+ V5 7:10

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