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Collegiate Women: William Smith College vs. Ithaca College and Marist College (DI)
April 2, 2005; Geneva, NY

Submitted by Sandra Chu.

Distance: 200M
Wind: Strong tail wind (12-14 mph) diminishing through the day.
Water: Slight chop in the first 1500 w/ rough chop in last 500, diminishing through day.
Current: Extremely heavy head current.
Comments: In the 1N race, Ithaca caught an over-the-head crab with about 500 meters to go. The 2N race pitted Marist's lightweight 8 against Ithaca's 1N with a few changes from the 1N race.


Varsity 8:
Ithaca 7:26.2
Marist 7:27.4
William Smith 7:59.6

2nd Varsity 8:
Ithaca 7:35.7
William Smith 7:45.3
Marist 8:07.5

Novice 8:
William Smith 7:52.0
Marist 8:23.0
Ithaca 8:31.6

2nd Novice 8:
Marist 8:01.6
Ithaca 8:08.8

Third Varsity 8:
William Smith 8:02.8
Ithaca 8:28.2