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High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Boys Eights,Andover, Hingham, St. John's Prep (Danvers, MA)
April 28, 2018; Merrimack River, Methuen, MA

Submitted by The Andover Boys Crew Coaching Staff.

Distance: 1650
Conditions: Variable tailwind and following current. All races off a floating start so times are not comparable - most races began at varying distances over the actual starting line.
Comments: Thank you to St. John's Prep and Hingham coaches and rowers for a fantastic day of racing. Thank you to all the families that came from far and wide to cheer on and provide food and encouragement!


First Boat
Andover 4:19.3
St. John's 4:29.76
Hingham 4:29.96

Second Boat
Andover 4:20.95
Hingham 4:43.34
St. John's 4:51.62

Third Boat
Andover 4:37.02
St. John's 4:55.12
Hingham 4:57.04

Sixth Boat:
Andover B7 5:18.12
Hingham 5:35.54

Fourth Boat
Andover B4 4:33.45
Andover B5 4:36.48
St. John's 5:16.95

Fifth Boat
Andover B6 4:51.59
St. John's 5:46.59

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