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High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Girls Eights,Kent vs. Phillips Andover
April 13, 2019; Housatonic River, Kent, CT

Submitted by Garrison Smith.

Distance: 1680 meters
Conditions: Moderate to strong headwind, wind against current created significant chop, especially in the first 500 meters. Wind increased throughout the day.
Comments: Order of racing was atypical because of hotseating and ACT's. G3, B4, G2, G1, B1, G4, B2, B3. Wind increased early, and was strongest for the first boat races. With current times should not be compared across boat classes, G3 race started 1-2 lengths over the line, G2 race was 1/2 length over the line and G1 race was on the line.


First Boat
Kent 5:34.4
Andover 5:38.4

Second Boat
Kent 5:38.6
Andover 5:56.4

Third Boat
Kent 5:45.6
Andover 6:12.6

Fourth Boat
Kent G4 6:05.2
Kent G5 6:27.1

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