High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Boys & Girls Fours,Brooks vs. Belmont Hill, Choate, Groton and NCDS
May 11, 2019; Lake Cochichewick

Submitted by Brooks Coaching Staff.

Distance: 1500m
Conditions: 10-12 mph tailwind with choppy conditions in the last 500 meters. No significant change over the afternoon.
Comments: Video review of G2 finish provided insufficient evidence of a clear winner. In the B3 race, Brooks was affected by a near collision in the first 20 strokes, but it did not affect the order of finish. Thanks to all crews and coaches for your cooperation today on and off the water. Great racing by some excellent crews. Good luck and see you in Worcester.


Men's Racing

First Boat:
Belmont Hill 4:52.3
Brooks 4:59.7
Groton 5:02.6
Choate 5:06.6

Second Boat:
Belmont Hill 5:01.9
Brooks 5:07.8
Groton 5:11.0
Choate 5:21.9

Third Boat:
Belmont Hill 5:07.5
Choate 5:18.8
Groton 5:23.3
Brooks 5:38.1

Fourth Boat:
Belmont Hill 5:15.7
Groton 5:24.0
Choate 5:32.6
Brooks 5:39.2

Women's Racing

First Boat:
Groton 5:31.2
Choate 5:32.2
NCDS 5:40.0
Brooks 5:48.9

Second Boat:
Brooks/ Choate 5:46.9
Groton 5:54.7
NCDS 6:00.3

Third Boat:
Choate 5:53.2
Groton 5:54.1
Brooks 6:01.2
NCDS 6:05.8

Fourth Boat:
Groton 5:58.2
Choate 6:09.7
Brooks 6:14.6
NCDS 6:33.6

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