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High School/Scholastic: Boys Fours
May 14, 2016; Northampton, MA

Submitted by Deerfield Coaching Staff.

Distance: 1500m
Conditions: Solid cross wind in the first 750 that swung to a cross headwind in the second 750. Wind strength was variable. Tail current. Some crews started on the line and others slightly over. Times should not be compared between events. Order of racing - 5V, 6V, 3V, 2V, 1V, 4V.
Comments: There was some great racing today on the Connecticut River. Thanks to Nobles, Middlesex, and Rumsey Hall for making the trip out to Northampton. And thank you to UMass and Northampton Community Rowing for helping us to host the event!


Varsity Four
Deerfield 4:34.48
Nobles 4:38.55
Middlesex 4:55.80

2nd Varsity Four:
Nobles 4:52.52
Deerfield 4:59.02
Middlesex 5:14.28

3rd Varsity Four:
Deerfield 5:08.31
Nobles 5:14.62
Middlesex 5:29.57

4th Varsity Four:
Nobles 5:13.05
Deerfield 5:18.79
Middlesex 5:47.12

5th Varsity Four:
Nobles 5:16.25
Deerfield 5:24.86
Rumsey Hall 6:12.68

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