row2k results:
Ergometer Races: Ergomania! The Northwest Indoor Rowing Championships
February 5, 2011; Seattle WA

Thanks to Karen Sommer.


Open Men 1 hour
1 Max Chickering, Unaffiliated,17180 m
2 Will Krause, Unaffiliated,15863 m
3 Steven Coulter, Unaffiliated,15681 m
4 Greg Narver, Pocock Rowing Center,15400 m
5 Steve Tilles, Pocock Rowing Center,15346 m
6 Peter Hoffmeister, Pocock Rowing Center,15248 m
7 Joe Breuner, Pocock Rowing Center,15028 m
8 Eric Johnson, Unaffiliated,13337 m

Open Men 1 hour Ltwt
1 Gregory Cook, Unaffiliated,16271 m
2 Chris Hoffman, Pocock Rowing Center,15495 m
3 Dale Peschel, Lake Washington Rowing Club,14234 m

Open Women 1 hour
1 Carmel Zahran, Lake Union Crew,14475 m
2 Sarah Smith, Pocock Rowing Center,14113 m
3 Sheila Powers, Unaffiliated,13480 m

Masters Women 2k 30-39
1 Carla Ainsworth, Unaffiliated, 07:42.0

Masters Women 2k 40-49
1 Else Hiemstra, Seattle Fire Department,07:20.3
2 Jennifer Huffman, North Cascades Crew,07:21.5
3 Callie Sheehan, Bainbridge Island Rowing,07:50.0
4 Carrie Holloway, Bainbridge Island Rowing,08:30.7
5 Susan Kelly, Bainbridge Island Rowing,09:10.9

Masters Women 2k 40-49 Ltwt
1 Arlene Wade, Unaffiliated,07:36.1
2 Rebecca Hoch, Lake Stevens Rowing Club,07:58.1
3 Catherine Fawley, Bainbridge Island Rowing,08:11.2
4 Karen Pavlidis, Unaffiliated,08:32.5

Masters Women 2k 50-59
1 Julie Netzger, Lake Union Crew,07:46.5
2 Gail Brownell, Vashon Island Rowing Club,07:47.8
3 Ann Wopat, Lake Union Crew,07:53.3
4 Barb Calvert, Lake Stevens Rowing Club,08:14.7
5 Jane Stewart, Bainbridge Island Rowing,08:43.8
6 Ronda King, Lake Union Crew,08:45.3
7 Merry Palmer, Bainbridge Island Rowing,09:11.2
8 Sue Haapakoski, Seattle Fire Department,09:27.8

Masters Women 2k 50-59 Ltwt
1 Celia Heron, Station L Rowing Club,07:47.8
2 Jennifer Soler, Lake Stevens Rowing Club,08:06.5
3 Debby Jackson, Vashon Island Rowing Club,08:49.6
4 Nancy Rignel, Bainbridge Island Rowing,08:57.6

Masters Women 2k 60-69
1 Linda Desrosiers, Bainbridge Island Rowing,08:42.7
2 Angela Holroyd, Marthas Moms Rowing Club,08:46.3
3 Barbara Emel, Bainbridge Island Rowing,09:11.5
4 Anne Seeley, Bainbridge Island Rowing,09:13.7
5 Jackie Syversten, Bainbridge Island Rowing, 09:16.6

Masters Women 2k 60-69 Ltwt
1 Mari Friend, Rat Island Rowing and Sculling Club,08:46.1
2 Sharon Beals, Unaffiliated,09:31.3

Masters Women 2k 70-79
1 Luanne Mills, Pocock Rowing Center,08:21.1

Masters Men 2K 30-39
1 Brandon Nelson, Unaffiliated,06:07.1
2 Mason Phelps, Seattle Fire Department,06:25.3
3 Tyler Simpson, Sammamish Rowing Association,06:38.8
4 Colin Donnelly, Seattle Fire Department,06:41.9
5 Danny Clautice, Lake Union Crew,07:12.4
6 Tim Taylor, Seattle Fire Department,07:15.1
7 Jhon Rincon, Seattle Fire Department,07:46.8

Masters Men 2k 30-39 Ltwt
1 David Johns, Mount Baker Adult Crew,06:59.3

Masters Men 2k 40-49
1 Roy Palmer, Pocock Rowing Center,06:28.1
2 Patrick Sprague, Unaffiliated,06:36.2
3 Collin Darrah, Seattle Fire Department,06:47.2
4 Jeff Bernard, Lake Washington Rowing Club,07:05.0
5 Todd Matthews, Seattle Fire Department,07:14.3
6 Dan Lane, King CrossFit,07:19.7
7 James Hilliard, Seattle Fire Department,07:22.8

Masters Men 2k 40-49 Ltwt
1 Robert Meenk, Lake Washington Rowing Club,06:26.1
2 Randall Marrs, Lake Stevens Rowing Club,06:45.3
3 Gregory Cook, Unaffiliated,06:47.1
4 Brady Collins, Seattle Fire Department,07:29.4

Masters Men 2k 50-59
1 Clint Chase, Unaffiliated,06:46.3
2 Stephen Wade, Oregon Association of Rowers,06:47.8
3 Davo Queen, Unaffiliated,06:53.6
4 Mark Spain, RowShamBo,06:57.2
5 Christian Roth, Lake Washington Rowing Club,07:01.2
6 Robert Miller, Renton Rowing,07:09.9
7 Dean Ronhaar, Seattle Fire Department,07:13.2
8 Richard Ramsey, Oregon Association of Rowers,07:13.6
9 John Schalka, Unaffiliated,07:35.7
10 Chris Quiles, Seattle Fire Department,08:09.8

Men 2k 50-59 Ltwt
1 Wayne Kragt ,Unaffiliated,06:44.8
2 Jim Gradel, Unaffiliated,07:03.8
3 Hank Koerner, Seattle Fitness,07:09.2
4 Marc Stewart, Bainbridge Island Rowing,07:19.4
5 Lincoln Brigham, Crossfit Eastside,07:19.7
6 Andreas Udbye, Commencement Bay Rowing Club,07:22.8

Masters Men 2k 60-69
1 Greg Williams, Unaffiliated,06:52.3
2 Craig Sternagel, Unaffiliated,07:04.9
3 Richard Peterson, Oregon Association of Rowers,07:21
4 Kaj Johansen, Lake Washington Rowing Club,07:39.9
5 James Helm, Seattle Fire Department,08:00.9
6 Peter Becker, Unaffiliated,08:34.7

Masters Men 2k 60-69 Ltwt
1 Peter Francis, Unaffiliated,07:10.6
2 George Holroyd, Lake Washington Rowing Club,07:19.5
3 Dan Wade, Seattle Fire Department,07:24.9
4 Michael White, Lake Union Crew,07:35.6

Masters Men 2k 70-79
1 John Halberg, Storm King Sculls,08:25.6

Masters Team Challenge Mixed 4x 1k
1 Seattle Fitness (Koerner, Chase, Palmer, Sommer)(03:26.9-HC 17.0) 03:09.9
2 Crossfit Eastside B (Jackson, Duba, Wrenn, Brigham)(03:22.0-HC 7.0) 03:15.0
3 Seattle Fire Department (Hiemstra, Hillard, Darrah)(03:26.0-HC 10.7) 03:15.3
4 Commencement Bay Rowing Club A (Cabrera, Johnson, Hanna, Baurichter)(03:25.0 –HC 7.6) 03:17.4
5 Crossfit Eastside A (Kay, Douglass, Hendrickson, Woodside)(03:23.0-HC 0) 03:23.0
6 Commencement Bay Rowing Club C (Johnson, Sidley, Udbye, Langsea)(03:53.5- HC 28.2)03:25.3
7 Commencement Bay Rowing Club B (Salter, Reid, Savage, Udbye) (03:55.4-HC 28.1) 03:27.3

Junior Girls 2k
1 Lena Jaffe, Seattle Rowing Center, 07:10.6
2 Mia Croonquist, Vashon Island Rowing Club, 07:13.0
3 Alaina Williams, Vashon Island Rowing Club, 07:18.2
4 Madeline Dinse, Rose City Rowing Club, 07:27.4
5 Katherine Mayhew, Oregon Association of Rowers, 07:32.6
6 Sarah Deal, Oregon Association of Rowers, 07:33.3
7 Peri Parsons, Ashland Rowing Club, 07:37.3
8 Emma Metzger, Holy Names Academy, 07:38.5
9 Ellen Place, Sammamish Rowing Association, 07:38.9
10 Kadie Brown, Commencement Bay Rowing Club, 07:39.6
11 Kyle Wunderlin, Lake Union Crew, 07:39.8
12 TeraJane Ripley, Vashon Island Rowing Club, 07:41.3
13 Haley Drangsholt, Commencement Bay Rowing Club, 07:41.8
14 Cailin Bridges, Bainbridge Island Rowing, 07:44.5
15 Emily Kehoe, Vashon Island Rowing Club, 07:44.7
16 Karoline Brodie, Lake Stevens Rowing Club, 07:45.5
17 Nora West, Holy Names Academy, 07:45.7
18 Stacey Boss, Everett Rowing Association, 07:47.1
19 Liv Wihtol, Rose City Rowing Club, 07:47.5
20 Catherine Most, Pocock Rowing Center, 07:48.7
21 Sasha Tilles, Sammamish Rowing Association, 07:49.0
22 Lydia Jacobson, Lake Oswego Community Rowing, 07:49.3
23 Gemma Holt, Holy Names Academy, 07:50.0
24 Rebecca Goldader, Seattle Rowing Center, 07:53.9
25 Emma Mansfield, Pocock Rowing Center, 07:54.1
26 Hayley Robbins, Rose City Rowing Club, 07:54.1
27 Lillian Rorick, Pocock Rowing Center, 07:54.5
28 Makenzy Brown, Pocock Rowing Center, 07:55.0
29 Katherine McGraw, Oregon Association of Rowers, 07:55.4
30 Emmi Bateman, Holy Names Academy, 07:56.7
31 Marika Hoskins, Oregon Association of Rowers, 07:57.7
32 Kendall Wynde, Rose City Rowing Club, 07:57.7
33 Natalie Reetz, Commencement Bay Rowing Club, 07:58.0
34 Halimah Griffin, Vashon Island Rowing Club, 07:58.6
35 Emily Moseley, Lake Stevens Rowing Club, 07:58.9
36 McKenna Niemer, Pocock Rowing Center, 08:01.1
37 Amanda Yelle, Everett Rowing Association, 08:03.6
38 Sabina Bloom, Lake Union Crew, 08:05.2
39 Alycia Gardner, Holy Names Academy, 08:05.8
40 Leeza Soulina, Lake Union Crew, 08:06.2
41 Nathalie Cushing, Pocock Rowing Center, 08:07.3
42 Hannah Aikman, Everett Rowing Association, 08:08.8
43 Zoe Fridge, Rose City Rowing Club, 08:08.8
44 Hannah Schelonka, Lake Oswego Community Rowing, 08:11.0
45 Marianne White, Pocock Rowing Center, 08:11.3
46 Erika Odmark, Vashon Island Rowing Club, 08:14.5
47 Charrae Simpson, Pocock Rowing Center, 08:15.0
48 Hannah Fry, Commencement Bay Rowing Club, 08:15.7
49 Kyla Dammann, Ashland Rowing Club, 08:15.7
50 Rachel Osmundsen, Rose City Rowing Club, 08:18.7
51 Katelyn Carter, Vashon Island Rowing Club, 08:20.6
52 Olivia Rodgers, Everett Rowing Association, 08:21.1
53 Samantha Nitz, Pocock Rowing Center, 08:23.6
54 Erika Liu, Lake Union Crew, 08:24.1
55 Mariah DeWeese, Holy Names Academy, 08:30.6
56 Ameline Gibaud, Vashon Island Rowing Club, 08:34.5
57 Anna Prestbo, Pocock Rowing Center, 08:35.5
58 Sinclair Nitz, Pocock Rowing Center, 08:41.3
59 Ashley Gilmore, Lake Stevens Rowing Club, 08:42.2
60 Amelia Ada, Vashon Island Rowing Club, 08:48.4
61 Martina Ametteis, Vashon Island Rowing Club, 08:49.3

Junior Girls 2k Ltwt
1 Erin Antono, Sammamish Rowing Association,07:37.7
2 Avalon Koenig, Vashon Island Rowing Club,07:46.6
3 Mackenzie Crist, Holy Names Academy,07:59.0
4 Jessica LeafMeeker, Olympia Area Rowing Association ,08:00.2
5 Pia Jacobs, Holy Names Academy,08:06.2
6 Cristal McClure, Lake Union Crew,08:09.5
7 Paige Strawn, Lake Union Crew,08:10.1
8 Olivia Robb-Linse, Holy Names Academy,08:13.2
9 Anna Ripley, Vashon Island Rowing Club,08:16.0
10 Lucy Wood, Pocock Rowing Center,08:18.3
11 Emma Geiduschek, Pocock Rowing Center,08:23.2
12 Abigail Thompson, Commencement Bay Rowing Club,08:24.9
13 Nicole Lukas, Seattle Rowing Center,08:25.4
14 Julia Glueck, Holy Names Academy,08:26.2
15 Rebecca Dunwoody, Lake Union Crew,08:30.1
16 Katelyn Jennings, Holy Names Academy,08:32.3
17 Madison Beiler, Holy Names Academy,08:33.5
18 Nicole Noel, Everett Rowing Association,08:39.8
19 Ella McConnell, Vashon Island Rowing Club,08:40.5
20 Claire Illich, Holy Names Academy,08:45.5
21 Katherine Sims, Holy Names Academy,08:54.1
22 Shannon Lipe, Vashon Island Rowing Club,08:56.6
23 Jacqueline Causbie, Holy Names Academy,08:58.2
24 Lindsey Kramer, Holy Names Academy,08:58.9

Junior Boys 2k
1 Alex Johnson, Pocock Rowing Center,06:24.70
2 Andrew McCrea, Lake Stevens Rowing Club,06:25.20
3 Eric Ledbetter, Lakeside School Crew,06:25.90
4 Brad Dickson, Lake Stevens Rowing Club,06:27.70
5 Alex Engel, Everett Rowing Association,06:29.20
6 Zach Ellenbogen, Pocock Rowing Center,06:32.00
7 Max Knapp, Lakeside School Crew,06:32.20
8 John Taft, Commencement Bay Rowing Club,06:36.50
9 Nick Firmani, Pocock Rowing Center,06:37.50
10 Sam Pettet, Pocock Rowing Center,06:38.50
11 Tom Daly, Pocock Rowing Center,06:41.20
12 Blake Johnson, Commencement Bay Rowing Club,06:42.80
13 Henri Broussard, Sammamish Rowing Association,06:45.50
14 Dylan Cline, Pocock Rowing Center,06:48.80
15 Michael Johnston, Lake Stevens Rowing Club,06:49.00
16 Gus Magnuson, Vashon Island Rowing Club,06:50.60
17 Joe Kelly, Pocock Rowing Center,06:51.30
18 Nick Hammond, Ashland Rowing Club,06:51.80
19 Austin Erickson, Lake Union Crew,06:52.50
20 Jules Weinstein, Lake Union Crew,06:52.80
21 Travis Pachosa, Everett Rowing Association,06:59.10
22 Tate Gill, Vashon Island Rowing Club,07:00.50
23 Stuart Brown, Pocock Rowing Center,07:01.40
24 Ben Sabath, Lake Union Crew,07:02.60
25 Sean Kelly, Bainbridge Island Rowing,07:08.20
26 Dakota Dean, Olympia Area Rowing Association,07:09.00
27 Andrew Hahn, Seattle Rowing Center,07:09.60
28 Griffin Siadak, Lake Stevens Rowing Club,07:11.20
29 Ryan Hickey, Lake Stevens Rowing Club,07:11.40
30 Isaiah Mosser-Rohe, Vashon Island Rowing Club,07:18.30
31 Bennett Bonci, Pocock Rowing Center,07:22.20
32 Ky Burton, Vashon Island Rowing Club,07:25.00
33 Baxter Call, Vashon Island Rowing Club,07:27.70
34 Ben Schechter, Pocock Rowing Center,07:35.40

Junior Boys 2k Ltwt
1 Austin Bentley, Everett Rowing Association,06:32.2
2 Kieran O'Sullivan, Lake Union Crew,06:33.1
3 Tyler Sell, Ashland Rowing Club,06:44.9
4 Tim Hanson, Vashon Island Rowing Club,06:50.3
5 Will Van Cleve, Pocock Rowing Center,06:53.2
6 Nathan Pihl, Seattle Rowing Center,06:53.4
7 Justin Smith, Pocock Rowing Center,06:56.7
8 Stefan Skalbania, Pocock Rowing Center,06:58.1
9 Chris Wales, Seattle Rowing Center,06:58.3
10 Harrison Shure, Pocock Rowing Center,07:01.6
11 Rowan Callahan, Lake Union Crew,07:02.8
12 Cole Borseth, Everett Rowing Association,07:04.4
13 Matt Brady, Lake Union Crew,07:05.3
14 Geoffrey Martin-Noble, Lakeside School Crew,07:10.4
15 Arend Sopher, Lake Union Crew,07:11.6
16 Kellen Moody, Unaffiliated,07:12.
17 Angus Rush, Lake Union Crew,07:12.5
18 Greg Hof, Seattle Rowing Center,07:12.8
19 Jonathan James, Pocock Rowing Center,07:12.8
20 Caleb Alford, Everett Rowing Association,07:14.5
21 Isaac Wheeler, Pocock Rowing Center,07:15.6
22 Rexford Ryman, Everett Rowing Association,07:16.1
23 Grant Van Kampen, Pocock Rowing Center,07:19.6
24 Roddy van der Linden, Lake Union Crew,07:22.1
25 James Lai, Seattle Rowing Center,07:28.0
26 Matt Goss, Lake Union Crew,07:28.8
27 Steve Lemma, Commencement Bay Rowing Club,07:30.5
28 Michael Steckler, Pocock Rowing Center,07:33.6
29 Max Kraus, Pocock Rowing Center,07:46.0
30 William Zhou, Lake Union Crew,07:55.0


Coxswains Dash Men 500m
1 Spencer Ward, Lakeside School Crew,01:44.1
2 James Mar, Seattle University Crew,01:50.4
3. Austin DeMartine, 01:55.8

Coxswains Dash Women 500m
1 Annika LaVoie, Unaffiliated,01:59.8
2 AnnMarie Ide, Seattle University Crew,02:05.2
3 Kenzie Miller, Unaffiliated,02:10.3
Exhibition Erica Brown, Commencement Bay Rowing Club,01:55.8

Junior Team Challenge Mixed 4x 1k
1. JBCS (Jacobs, Bentley, Crist, Helms) 03:29.9
2. Pocock Rowing Center (Daly, Niemer, Brown, Firmani) 03:35.4

Collegiate Women 2k
1 Megan Northey, Unaffiliated,07:14.2
2 Mandy Warner ,University of Puget Sound,07:38.8
3 Kate Simeon, University of Puget Sound,07:48.5
4 Audrey Dohm, University of Puget Sound,07:49.3
5 Lindsay Hammond, University of Puget Sound,07:51.8
6 Rachael Mallon, University of Puget Sound,07:51.9
7 Chelsea Asher, Unaffiliated,07:56.5
8 Mariah Young, University of Puget Sound,07:57.6
9 Desiree Collins,Seattle University Crew,08:03.0
10 Hannah Maurer, University of Puget Sound,08:04.7
11 Betsy Bayliss, Unaffiliated,08:05.6
12 Elise Hollowed, Seattle University Crew,08:08.5
13 Audrey Shaw, Seattle University Crew,08:09.2
14 Darian Borst, Seattle University Crew,08:10.9
15 Molly Larsen, University of Puget Sound,08:11.4
16 Emily Landeck, University of Puget Sound,08:11.9
17 Kaila Najar, Seattle University Crew,08:19.2
18 Arielle Ruizo, Seattle University Crew,08:21.0
19 Estelle Townshend, Seattle University Crew,08:23.5
20 Claire Gordon, University of Puget Sound,08:27.8
21 Marina Palmrose, Seattle University Crew,08:28.3
22 Jill Sanford, University of Puget Sound,08:28.9
23 Jillian Zeidner, University of Puget Sound,08:32.4
24 Riann Lingl, Seattle University Crew,08:34.3
25 Carly Schirmbeck, University of Puget Sound,08:34.6
26 Lauren Bradley, Seattle University Crew, 08:38.1
27 Georgina Ramirez, Seattle University Crew,08:40.8
28 Michelle Dvorak, 08:43.8
29 Taylor Robinson, Seattle University Crew, 08:50.1
Collegiate Women 2k Ltwt
1 Rachel Kisling, Pacific Lutheran University Crew,07:52.0
2 Alyssa Raymond, University of Puget Sound,08:14.6
3 Katie O'Neill, Seattle University Crew,08:20.6
4 Keara Collins, Seattle University Crew,08:31.8
5 Allison Cobb, University of Puget Sound,08:53.6
6 Nikki Dunham, Seattle University Crew,09:29.2


Collegiate Men 2k
1 Connor Tice, Seattle University Crew,06:46.4
2 Chris Schultz, Seattle University Crew,06:50.8
3 David Raschko, Seattle University Crew,06:59.3
4 Bryan Reed, Seattle University Crew,07:28.6
5 Kevin Staehly, University of Puget Sound,07:30.8
6 Ben Hagen, University of Puget Sound,07:31.4
7 Nathan Forman, University of Puget Sound,07:37.2
8 Kyle Erickson, University of Puget Sound,07:43.2
9 Brendan Trosper, University of Puget Sound,07:44.0
10 Peter Guilherme, Seattle University Crew,07:44.3
Collegiate Men 2k Ltwt
1 Aidan O'Sullivan, Seattle Rowing Center,06:39.1
2 Dan Harrison, Seattle University Crew,06:54.2
3 Henry Tolstedt, Pacific Lutheran University Crew,07:28.9


Open Women 2K
1 Hilary Andrus, Pocock Rowing Center,07:04.3
2 Helen Tompkins, Seattle Rowing Center,07:09.5
3 Tina Joiner, Unaffiliated,08:07.6

Open Women 2k Ltwt
1 Lindsey Hochman, Pocock Rowing Center,07:10.1
2 Jeannette Daley, Vesper Boat Club,07:10.6
3 Jill Austin, Pocock Rowing Center,07:15.8
4 Michelle Trannel, Pocock Rowing Center,07:16.9
5 Katherine Robinson, Pocock Rowing Center,07:19.5
6 Lia Prins, Pocock Rowing Center,07:22.0

Open Men 2k
1 Austin Nichols, Pocock Rowing Center,06:06.9
2 Ryan Strauss, Seattle Rowing Center,06:11.1
3 David Vanbolt, Pocock Rowing Center,06:14.7
4 Sam McVeety, Seattle Rowing Center,06:26.8
5 Christian Lyness, Unaffiliated,06:35.3
6 Chad Andrews, Lake Stevens Rowing Club,06:37.8
7 Chad DeVlieger, Unaffiliated,06:40.4
8 Alden Byrd, Lake Washington Rowing Club,06:54.5
9 Trevor Umbinetti, Unaffiliated,07:38.5

Open Men 2k Ltwt
1 Alex Twist, Seattle Rowing Center,06:28.1
2 Warren North, Pocock Rowing Center,06:29.4
Junior Girls 1k
1 Cait Greeley, Pocock Rowing Center,03:49.1
2 Monica Firmani, Pocock Rowing Center,03:53.3
3 Toby Meyer, Pocock Rowing Center,04:02.8
4 Christina Carter, Pocock Rowing Center,04:03.5
5 Jacqueline Schwartz, Pocock Rowing Center,04:19.3

Junior Girls 1k Ltwt
1 Maeve Anderson, Pocock Rowing Center,04:06.9
2 Tessa Marconi, Pocock Rowing Center,04:14.5
3 Caroline Painter, Pocock Rowing Center,04:23.0

Open Women 1k Adaptive visually impaired
1 Natalie McCarthy, Lake Washington Rowing Club,04:00.7
Junior Boys 1k
1 Justin Lucas, Commencement Bay Rowing Club,03:16.2

Masters Men 1k
1 Greg Williams, Unaffiliated,(03:17.2-HC 28.9)02:48.3

Masters Men 1k Ltwt
1 Dale Peschel, Lake Washington Rowing Club,03:39.5-HC 36.1)03:03.4
2 Randall Marrs, Lake Stevens Rowing Club,(03:14.8-HC 9.0)03:05.8

Erg Ed / Middle School Girls 500 m
1 Emily McLennan,Commencement Bay Rowing Club,01:51.8
2 Emma Brainerd,North Cascades Crew,01:55.0
3 Taijea Washington,Aki Kurose Middle School,02:06.0
4 Dana Huffman,North Cascades Crew,02:14.6
5 Yohannes Tassan,Aki Kurose Middle School,02:22.3
6 Colleen Icalla,Aki Kurose Middle School,02:26.4
7 Andrea Kaufman,Aki Kurose Middle School,02:36.5
8 Farida Moalim,Aki Kurose Middle School,03:05.2

Erg Ed / Middle School Boys 500 m
1 Carlos James, Aki Kurose Middle School,01:48.9
2 Henri Hardman, Lake Union Crew,01:54.1
3 Jack Choolaphan, Aki Kurose Middle School,01:55.6
4 Miguel Laureano, Aki Kurose Middle School,02:08.4
5 Thomas Le, Aki Kurose Middle School,02:18.7
6 Auston Saelee, Aki Kurose Middle School,02:22.0
7 TreSean Levias, Aki Kurose Middle School,02:24.1
8 Eugene Ruff (Abena), Aki Kurose Middle School,02:26.5
9 Mohamad Sheikh, Aki Kurose Middle School,02:32.2
10 Asliyah Dickerson, Aki Kurose Middle School,02:36.2
11 David Phan, Aki Kurose Middle School,02:41.2
12,Devin Waldrop, Aki Kurose Middle School,02:59.5

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