High School/Scholastic: Old Lyme vs East Lyme in fours and eights
May 19, 2021; Rogers Lake

Submitted by Paul Fuchs.

Distance: 1500
Conditions: solid, continuous headwind of 8-11mph, some waves in the first half
Comments: Great warm sunny day for racing, but breezy. wind straight up the course. Always fun to race East Lyme; thanks for coming over!


Men's Racing

Old Lyme 5:44.9
East Lyme 5:49.0

Novice 8:
Old Lyme 5:53.9
East Lyme 6:05.4

East Lyme 5:13.4
Old Lyme 5:33.3

Women's Racing

East Lyme 5:54.5
Old Lyme 6:02.0

Novice 8:
East Lyme 3V 6:58.1
East Lyme Novice 6:43.6
Old Lyme Novice 7:01.0

Old Lyme 6:22.5
East Lyme 6:32.6

East Lyme 6:19.5
Old Lyme 6:28.4

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