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High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Girls Fours,Berkshire School v. Choate and Taft
April 21, 2018; Lake Wononpakook, Lakeville, CT

Submitted by Paul MacKenzie.

Distance: 1500 M
Conditions: Sunny, cool. 10-14 mph headwind, strongest for G4 and G3 races (whitecaps), calmest for G2.
Comments: Order of racing: 4-3-2-1-5/6, alternating with boys' races. Taft G3 and Taft G4 each stopped rowing just short of the finish line, although it did not significantly affect the margin. Thanks to Taft and Choate for another great race at Camp Sloane.


First Boat
Taft 6:13.99
Choate 6:20.90
Berkshire 6:42.70

Second Boat
Choate 6:09.69
Taft 6:10.25
Berkshire 7:27.64

Third Boat
Choate 6:42.93
Taft 7:02.24

Fourth Boat
Choate 7:09.04
Taft 7:36.78

Fifth Boat
Choate 5 7:25.99
Choate 6 7:44.95
Taft 5 7:57.33
Taft 6 8:06.69

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