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High School/Scholastic: Kent School Boy's Eights vs. Phillips Exeter
April 30, 2016; Lake Waramaug, New Preston CT

Submitted by Garrison Smith.

Distance: 1500 m
Conditions: Flat water virtually no wind for most of the day wonderful racing conditions. Slight headwind in the middle third of the race for the G2 & B1 race. Racing alternated with the girls. Order of racing G1, B4, G4, B3, G3, B2, G2, B1
Comments: Big thank you to Exeter for making the trip.


Varsity 8
Exeter 4:26.4
Kent 4:26.9

2nd Varsity 8
Kent 4:34.6
Exeter 4:36.6

3rd boat:
Exeter 4:40.2
Kent 4:44.5

4th Boat:
Exeter 4:47.1
Kent 5:06.0

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