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HS/Scholastic: Brooks School Boys vs. Noble & Geenough, and Middlesex
April 29, 2005; Lake Cochicewick, North Andover, MA

Submitted by Peter Olrich.

Distance: approx. 1450 m
Conditions: Choppy crosswind off starboard from about 250 meters in until the last 250 meters, particularly for the first and third boats.
Comments: This weekend always seems to bring challenging conditions, and today was no exception. The chop was difficult at times, and Nobles had their warmup cut short in the third boat after arriving late. Our thanks to Mike Porrazzo, Jill Walsh, and all coxswains and athletes for making this a productive day of racing. Fourth boats started well ahead of the line, third and first boats just ahead of the line.


Varsity Four
Brooks 4:45
Nobles 4:49
Middlesex 5:01

2nd Fours:
Nobles 5:03
Brooks 5:15
Middlesex 5:30

3rd Fours:
Brooks 5:00
Middlesex 5:20
Nobles 5:21

4th Fours:
Brooks 5:03
Nobles 5:26
Middlesex 5:35


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