High School/Scholastic: Rustbelt Catholic Championships: Central Catholic vs. St. Ignatius
April 17, 2021; Lake Wilhelm, Goddard State Park, Sandy Lake, PA

Submitted by Central Catholic coaching staff.

Distance: 1500m
Conditions: Headwind for 1V, 4V and 2V races, then calm. Water still and flat throughout. Beautiful!
Comments: Great day of racing on a beautiful lake. Thank you to St. Ignatius for making the drive from Cleveland. Central Catholic wins the Daniel Murphy Memorial Cup for the 1F/4V racing, the Frances Previts Cup for the 2V racing, the Christy Wiegand Cup for the 1V racing, and the Brother Richard Grzeskiewicz FSC Cup for team points. The Rustbelt will rise again!


Men's Racing

1st Eight:
Central Catholic 4:39
St. Ignatius 4:46

2nd Eight:
Central Catholic 4:54
St. Ignatius 4:55

3rd Eight:
Central Catholic 4:53
St. Ignatius 5:01

1st Frosh Eight/4th Eight :
Central Catholic 4V 5:20
St. Ignatius 1F 5:36
St. Ignatius 1N 5:50

4th Eight/3rd Frosh Eight:
St. Ignatius 4V 5:08
Central Catholic 4V 5:18
St. Ignatius 3F 6:25

Spare Four:
St. Ignatius A 6:07
St. Ignatius B 6:12
Central Catholic 6:24
St. Ignatius C 6:48

Women's Racing

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