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Collegiate Men: Oregon State University vs. Stanford and Gonzaga University
March 5, 2016; Dexter Lake, OR

Submitted by Gabe Winkler.

Distance: 2000m
Conditions: 7-9 mph tail wind with it increasing over the morning. Significant chop for the 3V/Frosh race. Order of races: JV, Varsity, 3V/Frosh
Comments: Stanford wins the inaugural "Mack Babbit, Sr. Workman's Life Varsity 8+ Trophy" awarded to the winner of the varsity 8+ race.


Varsity 8
Stanford 5:45.48
OSU 5:46.21
Gonzaga 6:09.10

2nd Varsity 8
OSU 6:01.5
Stanford 6:02.6
Gonzaga 6:28.2

OSU Frosh 6:08.7
Stanford 3V 6:19.7
OSU 3V 6:30.8
Gonzaga 3V 6:42.2

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