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Collegiate Men: Virginia vs. Bucknell
March 20, 2010; Rivanna Reservoir, Charlottesville, VA

Submitted by Frank Biller.

Distance: 2,000 meters
Conditions: Head current, hard turn to starboard at 1050m to go. 2V: no wind, 2N: no wind, 1N: slight head wind on first 800m, calm for the rest, 1V solid headwind first 800m, light headwind last 750m, V4 light headwind entire piece. Sunny and 70's Additional info - 2V Bucknell made contact with turn buoy with 1,050m to go. They were even at that point.


Varsity 8
Virginia 6:12.55
Bucknell 6:13.48

2nd Varsity 8
Virginia 6:28.59
Bucknell 6:36.35

Varsity Four
Virginia 7:37.69
Bucknell 8:08.10

Frosh/Novice 8
Virginia 6:22.96
Bucknell 6:31.39

2nd Frosh/Novice 8
Virginia 6:33.52
Bucknell 6:52.59

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