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HS/Scholastic: Cooke Cup
May 19, 2007; Nashua River, Groton

Submitted by Andy Anderson.

Distance: 1200 meters
Conditions: Great racing conditions. No wind, some misting rain. Flat water, moderate current.
Comments: Order of racing: 2-4-3-1. Groton wins the first annual Cooke Cup, a points trophy that includes results of boys and girls races 1-4.


Varsity Four
Groton 4:03.5
Nobles 4:06.5

2nd boat:
Groton 4:07.7
Nobles 4:10.7

3rd boat:
Nobles 4:09.2
Groton 4:13.2

4th boat:
Groton 4:20
Nobles 4:21.9


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