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Collegiate Women: Cascade Sprints: Finals
March 30, 2013; American Lake, WA

Submitted by Aaron Benson.

Distance: 2000m
Conditions: Light chop, floating starts, no lane lines. Cross tailwind of 5-10 mph.
Comments: All crews had raced in morning heats that were separated by division (DI/DII, & DIII/Club). The top two finishers of each heat progressed to grand final, along with the next two fastest times. 2V8 and N8 heats fed into the 2V8 grand and petite (which turned out to be all novice). See other posting for heats results.


Varsity 8
Western Washington 6:48.0
Humboldt State 6:51.6
UC San Diego 6:52.6
Puget Sound 7:02.1
Lewis & Clark 7:12.1
Willamette 7:18.3

2nd Varsity 8
Seattle University N8 7:08.2
Western Washington 2V8 7:10.8
Humboldt State N8 7:18.1
Humboldt State 2V8 7:18.5
Puget Sound 2V8 7:23.1
Portland State N8 7:42.3

Varsity Four
Seattle University 7:32.8
Western Washington B 7:42.7
UC San Diego 7:48.3
Humboldt State A 7:49.5
Western Washington A 7:53.9
Humboldt State B 8:00.5

Varsity 8 Petite Final:
Seattle Pacific 7:21.9
Pacific Lutheran 7:23.9
Oregon 7:30.8
Washington State LW 7:40.5

Varsity 4 Petite Final:
Seattle University B 8:01.5
Pacific Lutheran 8:33.7
Portland State 8:55.0

Frosh/Novice 8
Humboldt State 2N8 7:35.1
Oregon 7:35.1
Puget Sound 7:43.2

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