Collegiate Men & Women: Vermont Cup: Vermont vs Middlebury
April 13, 2019; Lamoille River, VT

Submitted by Kyle Dowd.

Distance: ~1750m
Conditions: 1v/2v races were with a moderate head current and 4-6mph tailwind. 4+/N8 races were with a heavy head current and 6-10 cross-tailwind.
Comments: In the Men's Varsity 8+, Vermont hit a log three strokes before the finish line, tearing off their rudder and skeg. The boat veered off violently, forcing Middlebury to stop before the line. The margin at that time was about a 1/2 length of open water. The times from that event are not entirely precise. Most athletes doubled up into 4's. All races were with a floating start, times between events shouldn't be compared. Thanks to Green Mountain Rowing for helping out and for Middlebury for making the trip up, great racing from all crews!


Men's Racing

Men's Varsity Eight:
Vermont 5:28.4
Middlebury 5:35.7

Men's 2nd Varsity Eight:
Middlebury 6:05.7
Vermont 6:07.8

Men's Varsity Four:
Vermont 6:24.9
Middlebury 6:38.3

Men's 2nd Varsity Four:
Vermont 6:58.1
Middlebury 7:12.2

Men's Novice Four:
Vermont A 6:31.4
Middlebury A 6:47.9
Middlebury B 7:16.2
Vermont B 7:18.7

Women's Racing

Women's Varsity Eight:
Vermont 1V 6:13.7
Vermont 2V 6:30.9
Middlebury 6:31.1

Women's Varsity Four:
Vermont 7:38.8
Middlebury 7:47.1

Women's 2nd Varsity Four:
Vermont 7:49.5
Middlebury 7:58.7

Women's Novice Four:
Vermont B 8:05.8
Vermont A 8:12.7
Middlebury 8:15.6

Women's Novice Eight:
Middlebury 7:43.1
Vermont 7:53.3

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