High School/Scholastic: Metro Cup: Edgewater HS vs. Winter Park HS - Girls
March 6, 2021; Lake Howell - Casselberry, FL

Submitted by Mike Vertullo.

Distance: 1950m
Conditions: 2nd8 5mph crosshead increasing to 7mph straight headwind for 1st8
Comments: Thanks to the Rotary Club of Winter Park for hosting. Additional thanks to all athletes, coaches, and spectators for following COVID rules.


Men's Racing

1st 8:
Winter Park 06:23.3
Edgewater 06:26.1

2nd 8:
Winter Park 06:49.7
Winter Park B 07:12.0
Edgewater 07:19.9
Winter Park Freshmen 07:26.8

Women's Racing

Winter Park 7:14
Edgewater 7:31

Winter Park 2V 7:34
Winter Park 3V 7:43
Winter Park 1F 7:53
Winter Park 2F 8:05
Edgewater 8:11

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