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High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Boys Fours,Belmont Hill vs BBN, The Ducey Cup
April 28, 2018; The Powerhouse, Charles River

Submitted by Chris Richards.

Distance: 1300m
Conditions: Variable winds, mainly headwind/cross headwind, but good water overall and a beautiful day (finally) on the Charles!
Comments: Due to injury the BHS 2V4 stroke doubled up in the 1V4 race. Order of racing was 2V/6V/5V/4V/3V/1V. Thanks to BBN for a great day of racing!


First Boat
BHS 4:16.3
BBN 4:30.0

Second Boat
BHS 4:22.8
BBN 4:45.1

Third Boat
BHS 4:30.1
BBN 4:49.6

Sixth Boat:
BHS 4:43.5
BBN 5:09.8

Fourth Boat
BHS 4:31.0
BBN 4:41.1

Fifth Boat
BHS 4:38.7
BBN 4:59.4

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