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Collegiate Women: The Fawley Cup: Washington State University and Gonzaga University
April 30, 2022; Wawawai Landing (Snake River) Colton, WA

Submitted by Sam Clifford, Washington State University.

Distance: 2000m
Conditions: Order of races: 2V4+ N8+/4V8+ 1V4+ 2V8+ 1V8+ 3V8+ For 2V4+ and N8+/4V8+: 12-13MPH cross headwind. For 1V4+, 2V8+, 1V8+: 6-8MPH cross headwind. For 3V8+: 10MPH cross headwind. Lower Granite Dam outflow: 45,200[cubic feet/second].


Varsity 8
Washington State 7:11.30
Gonzaga 7:17.40

2nd Varsity 8
Washington State 7:30.30
Gonzaga 7:45.03

Varsity Four
Washington State 8:10.34
Gonzaga 8:23.81

Washington State 8:42.98
Gonzaga 9:15.83

Washington State 7:45.28
Gonzaga 7:55.26

Gonzaga 4V8+ 8:20.41
Washington State N8+ 9:01.87


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