Collegiate Men & Women: Meyer Lamberth Cup Races
April 14, 2007; American Lake, Lakewood WA

Submitted by Tone Lawver.

Distance: 2000
Conditions: head wind (10 to 12 mph) at start, cross wind 1000m mark, increasingly choppy as morning progressed.
Comments: Meyer Cup and Mini Meyer Cup races were varsity fours this year .
Lamberth Cup, WV8- PLU 8 hit center bouy @ 500m mark.
Mini Lamberth Cup WN8- PLU rowed exb.


Men's Racing

Meyer Cup:
UPS 07:57.4
PLU 08:22.1

Mini Meyer Cup:
UPS 07:42.7
PLU 08:14.4

Women's Racing

Lamberth Cup WV8:
UPS 07:35.5
PLU 07:56.2

UPS 08:27.7
PLU 08:34.5

UPS 08:26.6
PLU (exb) no split

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