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EARC LW Men: Biglin Bowl
April 11, 2009; Cambridge, MA

Submitted by Ted Benford.

Distance: 2,000m
Conditions: 7-12mph direct tailwind building thru the morning, moderate but increasing chop
Comments: Order of Racing: 1F; 1V; 2V; 2F; 3V4+ In the 1F race, Harvard broke free of stake boat during countdown, however alignment was sustained (no competitive advantage for Harvard, confirmed by the aligner). In the 3V4+ race, Dartmouth suffered a crab at 1400m


Varsity 8
Harvard 5:57.4
Dartmouth 6:09.5
MIT 6:10.1

2nd Varsity 8
Harvard 6:19.3
Dartmouth 6:28.1

Harvard 3V4+ 7:08.6
MIT 2V4+ 7:16.2
Dartmouth 3V4+ 7:37.0

Frosh/Novice 8
Harvard 6:08.8
Dartmouth 6:13.5
MIT 6:25.0

2nd Frosh/Novice 8
Harvard 6:47.6
Harvard 3F 7:00.2
Dartmouth 7:01.4

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