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HS/Scholastic: Middlesex School Girls Fours vs. Gunnery School Girls
April 23, 2011; Concord River

Submitted by Laura Darby McNally.

Distance: 1500m
Conditions: Rain and cold. BUT flat conditions.. 1500 m on Concord River, with slight current.

Race order: B4, G4,B3, G3, B2, G2, B1, G1 @ 10 minute centers
Comments: Great racing at the New Middlesex Varsity Boathouse, Paumgarten Boathouse on the Concord River!!


Varsity Four
Middlesex 5:36
Gunnery 5:44

Girls Second Boats:
Middlesex 5:39
Gunnery 6:07.9

Girls Third Boats:
Middlesex 5:58
Gunnery 6:32

Girls Fourth Boats:
Middlesex 6:11.3
Gunnery 7:07.5


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