HS/Scholastic: Deerfield Academy vs. Middlesex (Boys & Girls), Nobles (Girls), Dexter (Boys)
May 8, 2010; Connecticut River, Deerfield, MA

Submitted by Oli Rosenbladt.

Distance: 1500m
Conditions: Intermittent showers, light, variable wind and tail current.
Comments: Due to floating starts and current, boats were not started consistently relative to the starting line. In the girls racing, the Girls 2nd started one length below the line, the Girls 3rd and 4th started on the line, and the Girls 1st started one length above the line. In the boys racing, Boys 1st started on the line, Boys 2nd started one length below the line, Boys 3rd one length above the line, and Boys 4th 1/2 length above the line. A rower from the MX Girls 3rd also raced in the MX Girls 2nd due to an injury in the MX 2nd crew. Girls order of racing was G2/G4/G3/G1.


Men's Racing

Varsity Four:
Deerfield 4:11.8
Dexter 4:25.2
Middlesex 4:32.2

2nd Varsity Four:
Deerfield 4:17.9
Middlesex 4:19.7
Dexter 4:27.4

3rd Varsity Four:
Deerfield 4:32.5
Middlesex 4:43.3
Dexter 4:46.7

4th Varsity Four:
Deerfield 4:29.8
Middlesex 4:52.4
Dexter 5:20.6

Women's Racing

Varsity Four:
Nobles 4:38.68
Deerfield 4:42.90
Middlesex 4:44.03

2nd Varsity Four:
Deerfield 4:30.30
Nobles 4:31.36
Middlesex 4:40.70

3rd Varsity Four:
Nobles 4:43.74
Deerfield 4:48.52
Middlesex 4:49.78

4th Varsity Four:
Deerfield 4:46.64
Nobles 4:48.35
Middlesex 4:49.40

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