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HS/Scholastic: Varsity Girls Fours
April 21, 2012; Power House Stretch, Charles River, Cambridge, MA

Submitted by Buzz Congram.

Distance: 1250
Comments: Order of racing, 4th to 1st. Strong direct headwind and chop. Conditions grew stronger and choppier as the races progressed from 4th to 1st boats.


4th Varsity Girls Four:
Groton 5:12
BB&N 5:37
Miss Porter's 6:01

3rd Varsity Girls Four:
Groton 5:12
BB&N 5:38
Miss Porter's 5:50

2nd Varsity Girls Fours:
Groton 5:12
Miss Porter"s 5:32
BB&N 5:46

1st Varsity Girls Fours:
Groton 5:07
Miss Porter's 5:21
BB&N 5:37

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