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HS/Scholastic: The Blades Trophy -- Girls Results
April 14, 2012; Mercer Lake

Submitted by Corinne Hagen.

Distance: 1500
Conditions: Slight cross wind that increased through the afternoon. For the 2nd Varsity 4+ and 3rd Varsity 4+ the wind hand increased significantly at the start. The races in the 4+s started off the starting platform and the Novice 8+s began with a floating start approximately 150m down the course.


Varsity Four
Lawrenceville A 5:43.83
Lawrenceville B 5:59.56
Hun 6:07.05

Second Varsity Four:
Lawrenceville A 5:41.86
Lawrenceville B 6:14.54
Hun 6:18.62

Third Varsity Four:
Lawrenceville A 6:03.99
Lawrenceville B 6:08.63
Hun 7:05.77

Frosh/Novice 8
Lawrenceville 5:24.55
Hun A 6:00.65
Hun B 6:13.45

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