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Collegiate Women: Dartmouth College vs. University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University
April 23, 2011; Hanover, NH

Submitted by Wendy Levash.

Distance: 2000m
Conditions: Tail current, tailwind for Friday evening races. Tail current, slight headwind for Saturday morning races.
Comments: 3V8, V4A and V4B raced on Friday night due to predicted rough water and wind for Saturday morning. A problem with stake boats forced 1V and 2V to race Saturday morning anyway, and water was actually calm. More tail current on Friday than Saturday. In Friday's V4 race, steering difficulties resulted in a crash between Penn and Princeton. All three fours were within one second of each other when Penn and Princeton collided with 100m to go. Race times reported for the V4 are times from Saturday morning, which was a clean race.


Varsity 8
Princeton 5:54.0
Dartmouth 6:03.5
Penn 6:13.1

2nd Varsity 8
Princeton 6:03.2
Dartmouth 6:12.8
Penn 6:13.4

Varsity Four
Princeton 6:47.7
Penn 6:51.0
Dartmouth 6:56.1

3V 8:
Princeton 5:59.4
Penn 6:08.4
Dartmouth 6:14.2

V4 B:
Princeton 6:34.7
Penn 6:36.2

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