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Collegiate Women: Washington State vs. Gonzaga
March 19, 2005; Silver Lake in Medical Lake, WA

Submitted by Mike Stahlman.

Distance: 2000
Wind: Headwind that picked up as the day went on Order was V/JV, V4 1st wave, V4 2nd wave, and then the Novice 8's went.
Water: waves but no white caps
Current: none


Varsity 8:
WSU V 7:28.1
WSU JV 7:37.3
GU JV 7:53.1

Varsity Four:
WSU V4 "A" 8:29.4
WSU V4 "B" 8:45.4
GU V4 "A" 8:57.7

Novice 8:
GU N8 8:20.1
WSU N8 "A" 8:31.5
WSU N8 "B" 9:00.1

Varsity Four - Second Wave:
WSU V4 "C" 8:59.7
GU V4 "B" 9:01.3
GU V4 "C" 9:22.1