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EARC LW Men: Callow Cup and 1919 Team Points Cup: Navy vs. Penn
April 27, 2019; Severn River

Submitted by Shawn Bagnall.

Distance: 2000m
Conditions: 18-20mph tailwind, gusting to 40mph. Incoming tide. Standing waves throughout, intermittent whitecaps.
Comments: Race order was 2V-1V-3V-4V. Following 2V race, coaches and official made decision to complete 1V racing and cancel 3V-4V due to deteriorating/unsafe conditions. 1V race was photo finish. Due to their wins in the 1V and 2V, Penn wins both Callow Cup and 1919 Points Trophy. Today marked the 100th Anniversary of Navy vs Penn Lightweight racing. On May 31st, 1919, the American Rowing Association added a "Special Eight-Oared Shells (150 Lb. Crews)" rowing event to their Fifteenth Annual Regatta on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, which featured lightweight crews from Navy and Penn. This is believed to be the first known record of intercollegiate lightweight racing in the United States.


Varsity 8
Penn 5:59.7
Navy 6:00.0

2nd Varsity 8
Penn 6:07.0
Navy 6:13.3

3rd Varsity 8:

4th Varsity 8:

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