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HS/Scholastic: St. Mark's School (girls) vs. Deerfield, Groton, Middlesex
April 21, 2010; Lake Quinsigamond

Submitted by Andy Harris.

Distance: 1500 meters
Conditions: Headwinds increased as the afternoon progressed. We raced 4-2-3-1, so the 3rd and 1st boats rowed in much slower and more challenging conditions than the 4th and 2nd boats had.
Comments: ** Groton was leading the 3rd boat race by at least two lengths when they experienced a boat-stopping (their coach called it "heart-stopping") crab, and a consequent jumped slide. With one pair rowing initially, and then all four, they were able to finish second in the race.


Varsity Four
Groton 6:26.8
Middlesex 6:29.7
St. Mark's 6:32.0
Deerfield 6:41.9

2nd Fours:
Deerfield 6:18.9
Groton 6:20.8
St. Mark's 6:35.1
Middlesex 7:00.4

3rd Fours:
Deerfield 6:57.7
Groton ** 7:00.5
Middlesex 7:04.7
St. Mark's 7:26.7

4th Fours:
Deerfield 6:44.5
Groton 6:53.6
St. Mark's 7:21.4
Middlesex 7:25.2


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