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Collegiate Women: Doc Hosea Invitational Round 4:
April 3, 2016; Saratoga Springs, NY

Submitted by Eric Catalano.

Distance: 2000
Conditions: Cold conditions, and high cross-tail winds, but the course was very protected and the water near flat. It was almost glassy water for the first races and got a little more challenging as the day went on. Order of racing was 1V8, 2V8, V4A, V4B, 3V8. An inch or so of snow to clear off the boats and docks upon arrival.
Comments: This was the 4th round of the Doc Hosea Invitational. The first 2 were held Saturday night and the second two on Sunday morning. Note that Northeastern missed the start for the varsity 8s round 3 and moved into the varsity 8s round 4. This did slightly modify the amount of warm-up time and sit around time that each of these events had in the cold conditions.


Varsity 8
Penn 6:46.80
Northeastern 6:49.82
URI 6:55.14
Cornell 6:55.84
UMass 6:59.77
Boston U 7:00.50

2nd Varsity 8
Penn 6:55.50
UMass 7:00.89
Cornell 7:05.58
URI 7:11.37
Boston U 7:17.48

Varsity Four
Cornell 7:49.14
Penn 7:58.51
UMass 8:08.38
URI 8:17.02
Boston U 8:25.67

2V Four:
Cornell 7:52.60
Penn 8:02.62
UMass 8:08.49

3V Eight:
Cornell 7:19.70
URI 7:41.71
Boston U 8:02.32

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