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HS/Scholastic: Massachusetts Public High Schools State Rowing Championship
May 20, 2001; Lake Quinsigamond, Worcester, Ma.

Submitted by Pam Krause.

Distance: 1500m
Conditions: Slight tail/crosswind, picking up during several heats.
Comments: This was the first anual Mass Public HS Regatta. All in all, it went well, but as with any large event, we were not without minor difficulties. In the first girls morning heats: Shrewsbury lost their skeg, continued to row, and finished last, but came back to win the Petites with a time of 543.42, against Worcester at 646.07. Shrewsbury's novice boys also lost their skeg (a strange coincidence...), and pulled out of the race at 700m. There was a protest in the novice girls that occured because of bad steerage on the part of the winners that cut off several lanes- it was decided to let the race stand as rowed. Another informal protest was filed in the boys novice race because the winners had a non-novice in the boat as a last minute replacement. The coaches met and decided to let the results stand, with modifications for next year's regatta rules. There was also a protest on the water in the boys first because of steerage again, but the crew that filed withdrew it, so no decision- race results stand.


Varsity 8
Brookline Girls 531.91
Barnstable 537.64
Cambridge RLS 552.27
Lowell 609.48
Northampton 614.33

2nd Varsity 8
Brookline Girls 552.24
Barnstable 556.69
Shrewsbury 602.12
Lowell 622.67
Northampton 623.17
CRLS 623.80

Varsity Four
3v8 Girls SHS 544.7
3v8 Girls Barn 549.2
3v8 Girls Brook 550.62
3v8 Girls Worc 615.01

Varsity Boys:
Brookline 453.30
Shrewsbury 459.15
Barnstable 505.40
Worcester 510.57
Northampton 527.67
Lowell 536.50

2nd Boys:
Brookline 511.31
CRLS 520.08
Shrewsbury 522.10
Worcester 529.11

Frosh/Novice 8
NG Brookline 550.41
NG Wayland-Wstn 609.79
NG Worcester 616.67
NG CRLS 626.05
NG Shrews 644.35
NG Lowell 653.95

2nd Frosh/Novice 8
NB Lowell 519.25
NB Brookline 528.07
NB Wayl-Weston 554.69
NB Barnstable 555.37
NB SHS skeg/dnf

3rd Boys:
Shrewsbury 542.45
Wayland-Weston 609.90
Worcester 617.64


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