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High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Boys Eights,BC High v. St. Paul's School and Belmont Hill School
April 27, 2022; Charles River Powerhouse

Submitted by Steve McKiernan.

Distance: 1300
Conditions: Strong cross-head wind, minimal chop. For the 1-3V races; SPS and BCH through center arches, BHS through right arches.
Comments: In the 1st VIII race, the St. Paul's caught a crab with about 10 strokes remaining. The crab did not cause the boat to stop, though the rower did not complete the final 10 strokes of the race. In the 3rd and 4th boat races, BCH caught boat stopping crabs. Thank you to the Belmont Hill Coaching Staff for assisting with installing the course buoys and for St. Paul's in making the trip to Boston.


First Boat
Belmont Hill 4:02.4
St. Paul's 4:03.1
BC High 4:04.2

Second Boat
Belmont Hill 4:14.4
St. Paul's 4:22.5
BC High 4:24.8

Third Boat
St. Paul's 4:16.1
Belmont Hill 4:21.6
BC High 4:53.8

Fourth Boat
Belmont Hill 4:42.8
BC High 5:38.9

Fifth Boat
Belmont Hill 5:01
BC High 6:00

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