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HS/Scholastic: Berkshire School Boys vs. Deerfield, Taft
April 21, 2007; Lake Wononpakook, Lakeville, CT

Submitted by Jared Courtney.

Distance: 1500m
Conditions: For B3 and B2, moderate quartering headwind and chop for first 1000m. For B1 and B4, headwind lessened substantially.
Comments: Order of Racing: B3-B2-B1-B4 due to Taft 2nd boat rower also rowing in the 4th boat race. In 3rd boat race, a swimming dog(!) collided with Taft, dropping them from lead of a length to deficit of a length; no offical time was taken, and the dog was uninjured. 4th boat race was restarted due to an over-the-head crab by Deerfield in first 100m.


Varsity Four
Deerfield 5:34.2
Taft 5:40.5
Berkshire 5:42.8

2nd Varsity Four:
Deerfield 5:48
Taft 6:12.1

3rd Varsity Four:
Taft +0:12

4th Varsity Four:
Deerfield 5:57
Taft 6:17


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