HS/Scholastic: Hyde School vs. Waynflete, Bromfield
April 21, 2007; Nequasset Lake, Woolwich, ME

Submitted by Walter Gregg.

Distance: 1400m
Conditions: Quartering tailwind for all races. The girl's 2nd boat race started well into the course, thus their race was approximately 1250m. Hyde girl's first raced in the 2nd boat race due to missing rowers.
Comments: Thanks to Bromfield and Waynflete for making the trip up.


Men's Racing

1st Boat:
Bromfield 1st 4:53.6
Bromfield 2nd 5:02.1
Waynflete 5:04.6
Hyde 5:07.1

Women's Racing

1st Boat:
Bromfield 5:39.1
Waynflete 5:57.8

2nd Boat:
Bromfield 4:47
Hyde 1st 5:37.3
Waynflete 5:37.9

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