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High School/Scholastic: St. Mark's School (NEIRA Girls' Fours) vs. Lincoln
May 18, 2016; Lake Quinsigamond

Submitted by Liz Cavanaugh.

Distance: 1500m
Conditions: Variable (light) cross headwind. Mostly calm and flat water at the start, and slight chop in the last 750. 2V race had more of a headwind at the start than other races.
Comments: Combined 3V and 4V races, order 2-3/4-1. A couple of wakes from neighboring Quinsigamond coaches which slightly interfered with racing, however, did not affect finish order of any races. All crews right on the 1500m starting line. Thank you to Lincoln for a great day of racing!


Varsity Four
St. Mark's 5:35.60
Lincoln 5:37.50

Second Varsity Four:
St. Mark's 6:07.01
Lincoln 6:16.03

Third/Fourth Varsity Fours:
St. Mark's 3V 6:09.2
St. Mark's 4V 6:16.2
Lincoln 3V 6:33.5
Lincoln 4V 6:41.7

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