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HS/Scholastic: Mayor's Cup -- Boys Varsity Fours
April 7, 2012; Charles River Powerhouse

Submitted by Adam Holland.

Distance: 1250m
Conditions: Racing was run from 4th boat to 1st boat on 20' intervals. For the 4th and 3rd boat races there was a moderately strong tailwind, sometimes quartering from starboard. For the 2nd boat race the wind died down and the conditions were nearly calm. For the 1st boat race, the wind picked up again, but was swirling, and changed to a headwind shortly after the start. The day started sunny and clear and cool, but full cloud cover moved in as racing progressed until the sky was completely overcast by the 1st boat race, with a matching drop in temperature.


Varsity Four
BB&N 4:12.3
CRLS 4:27.7

2nd Four:
BB&N 4:13.3
CRLS 4:27.7

3rd Four:
BB&N 4:13.2
CRLS 4:22.7

4th Four:
BB&N 4:25.9
CRLS 5:05.4


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