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High School/Scholastic: Mid Atlantic Prep League (MAPL) Boys Crew Championships
May 14, 2016; Caspersen Rowing Center, Mercer Lake, NJ

Submitted by Benjamin T. Wright.

Distance: 1500M
Conditions: Strong cross tail from the WSW increasing to a very strong tail wind, kicking up white caps which led to cancellation of the last race of he day, the Boys 4V4+, 5V4+ and 6V4+. All races were from a floating start near the 500M and raced to the 2000M Finish.
Comments: For the first time The Hill School competed in the Boys MAPL Crew Championships, which were first held in 2007. The Boys Novice Eight race started about 200M after the 500M, making the race more like 1300M. The strong cross tail wind made the floating start quite challenging. Based on the results of the B1V4+, B2V4+ and B3V4+ races, Lawrenceville won the 2016 MAPL Championship. Peddie was second, Blair third, and Hill fourth in the team points standings. Thanks to all of the coaches who oversaw the racing.


Varsity Four
Lawrenceville 4:58.8
Peddie 5:01.1
Blair 5:12.1
Hill 5:26.6
Hun 5:52.9

Novice 8:
Lawrenceville 4:09.3
Hun 4:12.1
Peddie 4:22.5
PNRA/Mercer 4:23.1
Lawrenceville B 4:34.8
Blair 4:39.5
PNRA/Mercer 4:37.4

2nd Varsity Four:
Lawrenceville 5:28.5
Peddie 5:35.6
Blair 5:45.4
Hill 6:18.7

3rd Varsity Four:
Lawrenceville 5:18.5
Peddie 5:19.8
Blair 5:39.7
Hill 5:42.4


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