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High School/Scholastic: Middlesex School Girls Fours vs. Groton
May 1, 2013; Concord River

Submitted by Laura Darby McNally.

Distance: 1500m
Conditions: Race order 4,2,1,3 Slight tail wind for all races, sunny, flat
Comments: All except the Third boat race started over the starting line. Thanks for great racing!!


Varsity Four
Groton 5:24.7
Middlesex 5:31.4

Second Boats:
Groton 5:33.5
Middlesex 5:48.8

Third Boats:
Groton 5:44.3
Middlesex 5:59.6

Fourth Boat:
Groton 5:43.1
Middlesex 6:01.54


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