High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Boys & Girls Eights,Stonington vs, Glastonbury, East Lyme, Xavier
May 6, 2018; Mystic Seaport Mystic CT,

Submitted by Tyler Page.

Distance: 1500m
Conditions: Flat water with a light breeze perfect day for racing. Racing started with Slack tide which transitioned to a tail current in the later races. Novice, Third Boat and Four Races were shortened to 1000-1200 m. All races were floating starts and times cannot be compared race to race. Race Order was Gv1, GV3, BV3, BV1, BV2, GV2, BN, GN, Bv4
Comments: Thank you to Glastonbury, East Lyme and Xaiver for making the trip to race at the Mystic Seaport today


Men's Racing

First Boat:
Stonington 4:34.2
Glastonbury 4:39.4
Xavier 4:48.0

Second Boat:
Glastonbury 4:37.6
Stonington 4:38.8
Xavier 5:09.5

Third Boat:
Stonington 3:31.0
Glastonbury 3:35.8
Xavier 4:06.6

Fourth Boat:
East Lyme N8 2:52.5
Stonington N8 2:54.5
Glastonbury 2:57.5

Fifth Boat:
East Lyme V4 3:21.4
Stonington V4 3:21.9
Glastonbury N4 4:09.4

Women's Racing

First Boat:
Glastonbury 5:19.5
Stonington 5:29.6
East Lyme 5:37.8

Second Boat:
East Lyme 5:10.0
Glastonbury 5:15.2
Stonington 5:18.5

Third Boat:
Stonington 3:49.5
Glastonbury 3:55.5

Fourth Boat:
Glastonbury N8 3:16.4
Stonington N8 3:26.1
East Lyme 3:39.1

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