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High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Girls Eights,St. Paul's School vs Phillips Exeter Academy
May 21, 2022; Turkey Pond, Concord NH

Submitted by Michael Spencer.

Distance: 1500 meters
Conditions: Hot with some crossing tailwind that was inconsistent across the races and fairly light.
Comments: In the G4 race, the Exeter boat had a boat-stopping crab followed by a seat that came off the tracks. The boat had to stop to pull things together before restarting. In the G5 race, all boats started almost two lengths over the line. By winning the majority of the boys' and girls' races, Exeter wins the Davis Cup. Thank you to the Exeter crews and coaches for an excellent day of racing.


First Boat
Exeter 4:49.0
St. Paul's 4:57.3

Second Boat
St. Paul's 5:14.6
Exeter 5:28.1

Third Boat
St. Paul's 5:21.8
Exeter 5:44.3

Fourth Boat
St. Paul's 5:48.2
Exeter 6:55.8

Fifth Boat
St. Paul's 5th 5:37.2
St. Paul's 6th 5:58.2
Exeter 6:10.3

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