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High School/Scholastic: Kent School boys eights vs. St. John's
April 9, 2016; Kent, CT

Submitted by Eric Houston.

Distance: 1700m
Conditions: Moderate tail current. The B1 race was the first race due to hot seating. The B1 race had calm wind conditions which steady increased to a moderate tail wind as the races progressed. The race order for the rest of the day was B4, B3 and B2.
Comments: Thanks to St. John's for making the trip to Kent. Time comparisons between the different races should not be compared to closely due to a floating start.


Varsity 8
Kent 4:33.8
St. John's 4:47.6

2nd Varsity 8
Kent 4:48.1
St. John's 5:15.6

B 3:
Kent 4:54.2
St. John's 5:12.2

Kent 5:03.27
St. John's 5:15.0

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