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HS/Scholastic: NEIRA Boys 4's: Pomfret vs. Belmont Hill, Nobles, Lyme/OL
April 21, 2012; Quasset Lake, Woodstock, CT

Submitted by Pomfret coaching staff.

Distance: 1,500 Meters
Conditions: Steady and strong tailwind with rolling chop and occasional whitecaps. No current.
Comments: - Races alternated with girls races. Order of racing: B4, B3, B2, B1, B5/6, B1-Race #2. - In the second boat race, Pomfret caught a big crab with 300 to go. * Lyme/Old Lyme were late to the race. Belmont Hill and Pomfret first boats agreed to race again, 30 minutes after their initial race, to allow L/OL to have a race. Thank you to all teams and coaches for a great day of racing. A special thanks to Gregg Stone for refereeing the races.


First Four:
Belmont Hill 4:53.1
Pomfret 5:09.1
Nobles 5:19.0

Second Four:
Belmont Hill 4:58.9
Nobles 5:27.7
Pomfret 5:38.1

Third Four:
Belmont Hill 5:14
Pomfret 5:34
Nobles 5:47

Fourth Four:
Belmont Hill 5:16
Pomfret 5:48
Nobles 6:13

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