row2k results:
HS/Scholastic: Marin, Serra HS at Capital
April 17, 2005;

Thanks to Jim Andersen.

Conditions: Light headwind throughout the day.

MJV8/3V8Marin BMarin CSerra BCapital BSerra CCapital C
WJV8/3V8Marin BMarin CCapital BCapital C  
MV8Marin ASerra ACapital A   
WV8Marin ACapital A    
MN8AMarin ACapital ASerra A   
WN8AMarin ACapital A    
MJV4Marin CCapital CSerra CMarin DCapital D 
WJV4MarinCapital CCapital D   
MN8 B/CMarin BCapital B    
WN8 B/CMarin BCapital BCapital CCapital D  
M2XCapital 2XSerra 2X    
MN4Capital BSerra ACapital AMarinSerra BCapital C
WN4Capital AMarinCapital B   
M4V8Marin DSerra DCapital D   
M Lt 8MarinSerra    
MF8MarinSerra ACapitalSerra B  
MV4Marin AMarin BCapital ASerra ASerra B 
WV4MarinCapital A    

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