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HS/Scholastic: Cambridge Mayor's Cup
April 9, 2011; Charles River Powerhouse

Submitted by Dale Wickenheiser.

Distance: 1250 meters
Conditions: Sunny. Warm. Moderate head head wind. No current.
Comments: 11 year of this race which is a renewal of a rivalry from the early 1900's. A great day of racing to start the season. Really nice conditions. Floating starts. Most boats were either right on the line or just over. A few steering corrections but no collisions, crabs, or other incidents.


Varsity Four
BB&N 4:41.6
CRLS 4:45.7

2nd Boat:
BB&N 5:03.2
CRLS 5:03.6

3rd Boat:
BB&N 5:04
CRLS 5:09
BB&N 4th 5:10

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