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High School/Scholastic: The Hill School vs Blair Academy (Boys)
April 6, 2019; Paulinskill Lake, Newton, NJ

Submitted by John Redos, Blair.

Distance: 1500
Conditions: Racing Order: M3V4+, M2V 4+, M1V 4+ Light variable winds throughout racing with a slight head wind for the M1V4+ race.
Comments: Thank you to Hill for coming up to the Paulinskill for a great day of racing.


Men's 1V 4+:
Hill 1V 04:58
Blair 1V 05:06
Hill 2V 05:12

Men's 2V 4+:
Hill 3V 05:35
Blair 2V 05:37
Hill 4V 05:40

Men's 3V 4+:
Hill 4V 05:40
Blair N8 05:43
Blair 3V 06:03


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